Now more than ever before, Météorites write a new chapter of their legend: a constellation of colours that revives light and absolute radiance. A colourful whirlwind of gold, silver and sparkling white in addition to delicate pink and aquatic green for a portrait of perfectly fresh complexion. The legendary blend of enhancing and illuminating colours reveals invisible light and bathes the skin in the purest glow.


A delicate violet fragrance, inimitable and totally addictive

Directions for use

Sweep the pearls over the face with the Météorites Pinceau, designed to pick up just the right amount of powder. Apply the powder evenly to entire face to set make-up and improve hold. For a boosted radiance, illuminate the curved areas of the face. Trace a G from the centre of the forehead towards the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose towards the chin.