For one season only, the legendary Habit Rouge is endorned with a prestigious outfit.
A case inspired by equestrian art of living, for an aesthete in love with beautiful materials.
So that the mythic trail goes along all trips.

Created in 1965, Habit Rouge was the first oriental fragrance for men in perfumery. From the moment of its launch, this tribute to Guerlain's passion for the dressage of horses created an element of surprise with its scents of sensual and bold vanilla. An oriental that is by turns citrusy, warm and accented with vanilla, it expresses the genius of contrast and well-mastered emotions.
With its modern geometry and mastery of form, Habit Rouge has an eternally elegant French appeal.


Passionate, sophisticated, audacious.

Habit Rouge expresses itself directly in a spicy, woody heart, nuanced with neroli and jasmine notes. Leather and oud wood notes blossom in the base, tempered by the sweetness of vanilla and patchouli.

Perfumer secrets

Habit Rouge marked the first use in western perfume-making of oud wood, a very precious scented resin with a warm and woody smell.