In celebration of Christmas and the House’s 190th birthday, Guerlain has given free rein to the French artist Giselle Balosso Bardin. Known for her poetic interpretations on paper, here she pays tribute to the Bee, an iconic Guerlain symbol.

This set is composed of a 100-ml and 10-ml size L’Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette and two L’Homme Ideal Shower Gels.

The ideal man is a myth.
His fragrance, a reality. Guerlain has decoded men’s aspirations and created an ideal concentrate for them: L’Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette.

The ideal fragrance?
The intelligence of citrus notes, the beauty of an ‘amaretto’ accord and the force of a woody leather note.

The ideal bottle?
Masculine, luxurious and distinguished… A mysterious pack, a graphic, black and white object, a flashcode as a door to a digital universe. The bottle – square, facetted and streamlined, luxurious.

Used with the sparkling, sensual and decidedly masculine L’Homme Ideal Shower Gel, this fragrance reveals all your potential.


For the first time, an almond scent for men composed by Guerlain around three accords.

The intelligence of a sparkling and perfectly fresh top note: citrus, rosemary, orange blossom.

The beauty of an incredibly sensual “amaretto” heart note based on an almond/tonka bean duo.

The strength of a woody leather base note, definitely masculine: Indian vetiver, cedar and leather given a contemporary interpretation.


Citrus, Amaretto Note, Woody Notes

Perfumer secrets

For the first time, an almond scent for men composed by Guerlain.

A transcendent almond from top notes to base notes, as an inspiration from Jicky.