Shanghai, the dizzying city in constant evolution, has managed to keep some of the attractions of centuries past. Wander through the Chen Xiang Ge Temple with its woody scents and the lush Yu garden sprinkled with exotic flowers, get pulled into more sensorial spots, such as the Old Street Market or the traditional Tong Han Chun Tang pharmacy with its smell of anise and almond or sample a jasmine tea at the Huxinting teahouse. Then, give in to the overabundant energy and extravagance of the megalopolis and drink up the bright neon lights with your eyes.
On the bottle with its straight, clean lines, Serge Mansau sketched the outline of the famous Pearl Tower, engraved in platinum.


Woody Floral.
Reassuring, creamy, luminous.
Top notes: almond, bergamot, anise.
Heart notes: ylang-ylang, mimosa, orange blossom.
Base notes: vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar wood.

Perfumer secrets

The journeys follow one after the other, but each remains happily unique. Created in 2012, Shanghai is the last stopover in this scented world tour. A precious, creamy, majestic and woody fragrance that recalls the mystery of Buddhist temples.
To accompany you on your every escapade, the bottle adopts the 100 ml travel size allowed in the plane cabin.