To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Santal Royal, Guerlain asked artist Tarek Benaoum to freely reinterpret the signature Bee Bottle, symbol of its heritage since 1853, which is still crafted by the Maison’s historical glassmaker, Pochet du Courval.

Tarek Benaoum is passionate about writing and was inspired by the 1990s graffiti wave at a very young age. Academic letters and street art respond to each other in his unique graphic art. Trained in typography and writing, he puts a new twist on underground culture to decorate public places with his “semantic scrambling”, his signature calling upon everybody’s words.

For this outstanding collaboration around the fascinating Santal Royal, Tarek Benaoum took inspiration from Guerlain and its quest for the most beautiful materials. In creating vagabond hybrid letters, he transforms the name of Guerlain into mysterious, rare and encrypted writing. Mixed with subtle shades of blue, the letters melt and change into a precious mineral: a sublime lapis lazuli in gold letters. Entirely hand-painted, each piece is different and, therefore, unique, radiating a power and magic that expresses all the artist’s talent.

The “Dames de Table” of the Guerlain Ateliers put the finishing touches on the one-litre Bee Bottles by tying dainty blue and gold cords around their necks.

A limited numbered edition (22 copies worldwide)


The Bee bottle by Tarek Benaoum


Woody Oriental.
Mysterious, Syrupy, Enchanting.

Amber, leather and oud accords accentuate the essence’s elegant vibrations. Yet, beyond sandalwood’s sacred dimension, Thierry Wasser has instilled it with a more sensual facet, adding an innovative hint of musk with the Guerlain signature, allowing divine vapours and a modern unisex fragrance to live side by side.


Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, amber notes

Perfumer secrets

To completely reinvent the Bee Bottle, Tarek Benaoum has opted for cobalt blue in a divine lapis-lazuli tone, evoking wisdom and spirituality. To accentuate the blue spray-painted bottle, Tarek Benaoum has traced it with mystical brush strokes of calligraphy and letterwork in precious gold, a shade which (for him) symbolizes immortality. These reinvented and hybrid writings inspired by Latine, Berber, Amerindian writings and Egyptian hieroglyphics intertwine and escape across the bottle with mystery.