30 MAY - 5 JUNE 2015

In order to reduce its carbon emissions and thereby help limit pollution, Guerlain makes its deliveries to its Paris Boutiques using electric lorries at night.

This unprecedented scheme is the fruit of a partnership between Guerlain, Speed Distribution (Guerlain’s logistics service provider) and Renault Trucks, all three of whom are committed to exploring more sustainable transport solutions.

A reduction in carbon emissions, a reduction in noise annoyances, a reduction in pollution. This initiative illustrates Guerlain’s commitment to working to limit its environmental impact and promote more sustainable transport.

A commitment that takes many other forms: protecting biodiversity, eco-design, an eco-friendly approach, responsible purchasing and corporate social responsibility.
In the Name of Beauty, Guerlain is committed to a
more sustainable world.

The everyday link between Guerlain’s production site “La Ruche” in Chartres and the brand’s Paris Boutiques is therefore provided by an experimental 100% electric 16-ton vehicle.
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