Crème SOS My Supertips, an enveloping, ultra-nourishing Guerlain cream to combat dry, tight skin and other sources of discomfort. The protective formula provides long-lasting hydration, immediately soothing and comforting skin affected by tiredness, stress and external conditions (e.g. the sun, cold temperatures, etc.).


A sweet rosy note, reassuring and comforting.


For 100%, immediately to the application (1):
- The twinges are appeased (dryness, irritation...)
- This treatment brings immediate comfort, the skin is soft and supple
And permanently (after 4 weeks):
- For 98%, the skin is protected and safe from outside attacks
- For 93%, the skin is less reactive and for 95% less vulnerable
(1) In use test, 41 persons


Directions for use

As soon as your skin is suffering, apply the SOS Cream on the face or on specific areas, irritated and dried out like hands, nose, or elbows. On the face, make small circular movements with the fingertips to sweep tensions.