Inspired by the unique power of pearls, Guerlain Research has created the P.E.A.R.L. complex – Pearl Extract Activity on Skin Regulation and Luminosity – to target the very source of dark spots:
- It restores optimum ZO-1* protein levels in the skin, a key factor in cellular organisation and the elimination of melanin trapped in the epidermis.
- It controls the pigmentation process by regulating melanin synthesis*.
The skin achieves the utter perfection of pearls.
Supremely fresh, the Lotion tones and moisturises the skin while effectively treating dark spots. It leaves the skin silky, even and luminous.
*In vitro test on ingredients.


Clinically proven whitening action*:
Appearance of the skin's texture +33%
Radiance of the complexion +48%
Skin suppleness +75%
Number of dark spots -27%

*Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist using a 10-point analogue scale on 31 women. Twice-daily application for 8 weeks.

Directions for use

Apply the lotion morning and evening, dabbing lightly, then dry the skin gently with a cloth.