At the heart of Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum, a bestseller for the last 25 years, lies Aquacomplex, which purifies cellular water* to improve its circulation, restore a youthful appearance and provide skin with powerful age-defying hydration.
The first BB Cream infused with Super Aqua-Serum, this true Beauty Balm delivers, in a single step, instant and long-lasting hydration (12 hours)**, smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines, and evens out the complexion. This subtly-tinted, feather-light texture protects the skin from both UV rays and dehydration while perfecting the complexion for a naturally radiant glow. Comes in two shades: ""Light"" for pale to medium complexions and ""medium"" for medium to dark complexions.

*In-vitro tests ** Instrumental test – results 12 hours after application


A fresh rosy note fragrance, with aqua flower, ylang ylang and jamine notes



- Instant hydration: +33%*
- Wrinkle-smoothing effect: -49%** just after application
- Skin finish: Even complexion: +87% for 97% of women***

Over time
- Long-lasting hydration: +35%****
Radiance / hHalthy glow:
This skincare gives a healthy glow effect: 94%*****
The complexion is brighter: 100%*****

*Instrumental test on 10 subjects, results 2 hr after application
** Instrumental test on 15 subjects, immediate results after application
*** Self-assessment by 31 women, immediate results after application
****Instrumental test on 11 subjects, results 12 hr after application
**** Satisfaction test on 31 women, results after 28 days’ twice-daily application

Directions for use

Apply, alone or under day care, a few drops to the face with the fingertips and smooth out, working from the center of the face outwards and down to the neck.