Aqua Allegoria

Cheerful fragrances that represent happy moments

The freshness of a Cologne and the hold of a Guerlain perfume

Aqua Allegoria - Ginger Picante

Ginger Picante

An Eau de Toilette radiant with freshness; the delicious aphrodisiac notes of ginger blend with the fresh-blossomed roses in the morning.

Aqua Allegoria - Coconut Fizz

Coconut Fizz

An exotic and luminous Eau de Toilette, an invitation to enter into a tropical garden and savour the freshness of coconut water.

Aqua Allegoria - Flora Cherrysia

Flora Cherrysia

An Eau de Toilette that evokes an escape along the sakura river shaded by blossoming cherry trees. A nap on the banks of a stream strewn with pink petals

An ode to nature

Aqua Allegoria is a continuously renewed collection that pays homage to the wonders of nature and beautiful raw materials. Each creation is illuminated by one or two raw materials, drawing their originality from a unique alchemy with bergamot.

  • Aqua Allegoria
  • Aqua Allegoria

Create your own olfactory signature

Select your favorite duo among recommended options and spray each Aqua Allegoria on your skin one by one in equivalent quantities.

Aqua Allegoria

Bergamot, “Calabrian green gold”, a key ingredient in the Guerlinade

Aqua Allegoria - Thierry Wasser
Aqua Allegoria - Calabria
Aqua Allegoria - Bergamot