Chapter 1



MASCARA ♥️ LIPCHEEK - Your best kept secret to voluminous lashes, classic red lips, and a natural glow from within.
Be it the French “au naturel” look, doe-eyed glam, or an over-the- top drama - the La Petite Robe Noire Mascara and Lipcheek are your best bets to the flawless look you are going for.
One simple coat is all it takes to extend and define your lashes. Zigzag the brush head through the roots to the tips of lashes for that enviable and intense curl and volume that complement the bright red pouts and pinky cheek of yours.

Chapter 2



Love, as intangible as it is, is the most precious gift anyone could have and should never fade. This Mother’s Day makes a bliss to show our love back and tell our moms how much they mean to us in every way.

Have your ever put on makeup for your mom? You may not have really seen her glammed up face growing up, but it doesn’t mean that she deserves anything less. Being able to look polished and feel confident would never fail to make any lady’s day, and your mom is no exception. Don’t wait around for the next special occasion to dress up; take the spontaneity to your next “date” with mom. Have a little makeup session together and treasure the most priceless moments you two could ever share. Let your mom enjoy the spotlight and be the queen - just like how she should be treated; and make any day Mother’s Day. And to all the moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

Chapter 3

To be continued…