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Bois des Indes (See 1/1)
Bois des Indes (See 1/1)

Scented Candle Bois des Indes

Rise to the sound of Indian mantras

Trail intensity
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Trail intensity


An awakening of the senses and an invitation to get away from it all, Scented Candles take you on fragrance journeys, whose enchanting aromas revive memories of exquisite destinations and arouse unequalled emotions.

A spellbinding journey through the sacred history of India. Clouds of smoky woods and wafts of offering intertwine. The sweet smell of sandalwood swirls together with the scents of dried bark and spice-laden soil. Along the river, a feeling of peace settles in.

The Bois des Indes scented candle comes in a delicate white biscuit porcelain jar with a sensual, tactile finish. Crafted in Limoges, France, this immaculate adornment is decorated like a coat of arms with a majestic bee in relief, in the finest Guerlain tradition. This creation with a streamlined design is a precious decorative object. It makes the perfect gift, which can be used as you wish once the wax has been burnt.


Woody spicy
Precious, warm, reassuring.
Aromatic notes, spices, exotic woods.


Aromatic notes, spices, exotic woods.

perfumers secret

The Bois des Indes scented candle is ideal for perfuming your interior. To ensure the proper use of the candle and its durability, it is recommended the following instructions be respected:
- The first time the candle is used, let it burn for 2 to 3 consecutive hours until the entire surface of the wax is liquid.
- After each use, carefully cut the wick and make sure that it is straight and upright.