MAD EYES was created with a goal to fuse the perfor- mance of makeup with the potency of cosmetic skincare. No compromises, just richly pigmented, long-wearing formulas that work to boost natural beauty with each and every application.
It’s a philosophy that comes to life through sensorial formulas and powerful actives that combine to make a four-step routine for creating spectacular eyes. First, frame the eyes with the Brow Framer, then give them beautiful colour with one of the Contrast Shadow Duo. Next, give them some boldness with either the Precise Liner or Intense Liner, before finally adding Mascara for the perfect finishing touch and plenty of sensational lash volume.
Boasting easy-to-apply techniques, rose gold packa- ging and formulas that blur the boundary between makeup and high-tech skincare, MAD EYES has you captivated from first glance.

Expert formulas

Beeswax that coats each lash for a clean, no-clump lash line and an especially creamy and easy buildable, volume- boosting formula. All so you can modify how many sweeps you make with the Mascara wand and create the exact amount of boldness you want – either throughout the day, or just before a night out.
Cotton extract that works on the lashes on two levels: firstly, on the surface to smooth fibres and repair small chinks in the lashes, which prevents lash loss and reinforces lashes’ function as a protective barrier. Secondly, to leave the lash stronger on the inside.
The D-panthenol gives Mascara resistance and flexibility to make it easier to work the mini-fibres without fear of making them fall out. It also serves up hydration with each and every application.
Designed with fibres arranged in a clover shape across the wand, this star-shaped design boosts the amount of Mascara you can apply with each sweep. Add to that Mascara’s special formula designed to reach all corners of the star and you have everything you need for creating an easy, evenly distributed Mascara look.



The Mascara’s formula is like no other. As well as serving up multi-dimensional volume, lash by lash buildable coverage and a colour that coats well, it also offers all the results of a lash serum. After four months of use, even without makeup, lash fibres appear 15% longer**, the lash line looks 11% thicker and lash curl is boosted by 14%. Women are 100% unanimous: their lashes look more beautiful.