An expert in trompe l’œil tans, Guerlain successfully imitates a natural blush to leave the complexion fresh and illuminate all types of tanned skin. Terracotta Blush is a mother-of-pearl concentrate. This ultra-light fluid blush instantly lights up cheekbones with a touch of sensual, skin-fusing colour perfectly adapted to all skin tones. For blondes, there is pink, the colour that naturally comes to their cheeks, while brunettes need coral to echo the spicy shades of their tan.
The highlighting effect is instantaneous, with a sheer luminous finish.
Terracotta Blush comes in a 15ml pump bottle.


Its Tiare flower fragrance leaves the skin sweetly scented for immediate departure to an exotic faraway paradise... deliciously pleasant after a day in the sun.

Directions for use

Terracotta Blush can be applied in three different ways:
- on the cheekbones like a blush
- on curves of the face as a highlighter: forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and chin
- over the eyelids as a nude summer shadow.
It can also be applied directly to golden skin or over Terracotta powder.

Terracotta Blush

Sun Shimmer Highlighter

The ideal blush for a sun-kissed healthy glow

All shades

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