For anyone looking for a spectacular eye makeup look in just two or three simple pencil strokes and without running the risk of committing a colour faux pas, look to MAD EYES Contrast Shadow Duo for the perfect solution.
Each double-ended Contrast Shadow Duo stick features two complimentary shades in either subtle or bold, matte or iridescent hues that can be combined to create the look you want. Boasting a creamy texture that smooths onto eyelids or under the eye line, once applied these pigments won’t budge for 24 hours non-stop, creating a captivating look that does not dry out eyelids.

MAD EYES Contrast Shadow Duo stick is available in four shades, each featuring two complimentary colours and finishes.


Directions for use


“To make eyes look more youthful, use the Contrast Shadow Duo stick to brighten the inner corner of the eye, then play with the darker shade on the outer edges.”