Aqua Allegoria

Bergamote Calabria

The spirit of majestic bergamot, known as "the green gold of Calabria"


The Aqua Allegoria are among Guerlain's most emblematic fragrance collections. Their launch in 1999 was a bold gamble. That of taking nature as sole muse and creating a unique olfactory genre: the first collection of eau fraîche in perfumery.

Stroll through Calabrian bergamot orchards. Gather the sun-soaked fruits. Bergamote Calabria is a vibrant and sunny essence.

Its pure and refined bottle with a golden mesh celebrates the iconic Bee bottle.


Green Musky Citrus
Vibrant, Delightful, Sunny


Bergamot, Petit Grain, Cold Spices

Perfumer secrets

For each creation, the Guerlain Perfumer showcases one or two raw materials, drawing their originality from a unique alchemy. Short formulas with incredible intensity and freshness, between simplicity and sophistication.

Bergamote Calabria is a tribute to one of Guerlain’s beloved ingredient : the Bergamot. Gathered from an exclusive blend to get the finest quality for Guerlain’s fragrances, Thierry Wasser has orchestrated a unique essence introducing the mutli-faceted Bergamot.