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l'art & la matière

L'art & la Matière

a laboratory of fragrances

In the L'Art & La Matière collection, exceptional varieties of the most beautiful materials are accentuated in the Guerlain style. Exalted, iris is surrounded by other elements that frame and enhance it, while also teasing and disturbing it.

In this collection, the perfumer-turned-artist has composed their work like a writer piecing together their words or a painter organising their colours.

Iris Torréfié, the new opus

L'Art & la Matière
L'Art & la Matière

When Iris encounters coffee

An incredibly noble material, majestic iris blossoms in this new chapter of L’Art & La Matière: Iris Torréfié.

Delphine Jelk came up with the idea for this new fragrance when thinking about the iconic cafés of Paris. With their lively terraces, the buzz of the capital and the myriad of scents, they are part of a French art de vivre that invites us on a carefree stroll in a space where time stands still.

Perfumers, olfactive artists

Creative freedom is the signatures of this precious collection in which the Perfumer virtuoso had free rein to reinterpret beloved ingredients of the House.

L'art & la Matière
L'art & la Matière


Best Sellers of the collection

Rediscover three of the great successes of the range:

This luminous and enveloping interpretation of white suede opens on a mandarin note.
Then everlasting flower blends with suede over a velvety amber base of vanilla and heliotrope.

Vibrant and unexpected golden vanilla shines in all its splendour.
A stunning composition in which each ingredient evokes travel, with its liquor notes of rum and cedar wood.

This sensual and contrasting interpretation takes angelica to new heights.
It combines angelica’s biting green facet with the enveloping softness of vanilla.