This tradition of Bespoke Fragrances, in which Guerlain has proven to be extraordinarily attentive to the widest range of personalities, continues today. This supreme luxury reserved for a privileged few is a work of art. It is the fruit of a close collaboration between Guerlain and its client. It is a long project during which, just like the creation of an Haute Couture dress, the Director of Fragrance Development, Sylvaine Delacourte, must take the full measure of the facets of the personality she has in front of her, ascertain their most secret expectations and open to them the doors of a world of sensations that corresponds to their most intimate emotions. The perfume trials must be precise, with impeccable attention to the finishing details. Like painter portraitists of bygone days, Guerlain composes an olfactory portrait that will leave an eternal trace in a person's story and a family's memory. An utterly unique fragrance legacy, an intangible and unforgettable signature that for ever fixes its owner in the House's memory, including them among its elite clientele.