The Guerlain Discovery Super Aqua Ritual :
- Super Aqua-Serum 50ml
- Super Aqua-Lotion 40ml
- Super Aqua-Mask 1 sheet mask
- Super Aqua-Eye Serum 5ml

All the expertise of Super Aqua-Serum in a skincare gift set. At the heart of Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum, a bestseller for the last 30 years, lies Aquacomplex*, which offers the skin ideal age-defying hydration. * In vitro tests on ingredients.

The discovery ritual includes:
- Serum (50ml): Super Aqua-Serum offers the skin highly-effective age-defying hydration. Skin is left smooth, radiant, fresh and plumped again.
- Lotion (40ml): Super-Aqua Lotion, a fresh and velvety-soft care lotion, is the essential first step in your skincare routine and acts as a natural hydration trigger. From the moment of application, the skin is revitalized, replumped and immediately smoothed for a radiant complexion.
- Eye Serum (5ml): Super Aqua-Eye Serum intensely hydrates and plumps up wrinkles around the eye contour. Dark circles and puffiness seem less visible. For a fresh, radiant and smooth look.
- Sheet Mask (1 sachet):After about ten minutes, the hydric mattress is moisture-boosted and seems replenished. The skin appears visibly revitalized and re-plumped, feels relieved of visible signs of fatigue.


A fragrance with fresh dewy notes and aquatic flower, ylang-ylang and jasmine facets.

Expert formulas

Super Aqua-Serum, a serum-in-cream formula offering both freshness and comfort, has been a cult skincare product for more than 30 years.


Super Aqua-Serum: 30 hours of intense hydration*.

Application after application, women notice a visible improvement in the condition of their skin**:

+41% on first application
+63% after 4 weeks of use

Appearance of wrinkles:
-18% on first application
-36% after 4 weeks of use

Plumped appearance:
+37% on first application
+55% after 4 weeks of use

+35% on first application
+54% after 4 weeks of use

Improvement measured and confirmed by a dermatologist***.


At the heart of its technological efficiency lies Aquacomplex Advanced technology*, an exclusive blend of effective ingredients and biotechnologies, which enables the skin to instantly rehydrate itself*. Day after day, the moisturized skin is protected against the risk of future dehydration and preserves a youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight and hydrating properties helps retain moisture in the skin**.

Directions for use

Apply Super Aqua-Lotion morning and/or evening before Super Aqua-Serum; and Super Aqua-Eye Serum.

Apply Super Aqua-Mask 1-2 times weekly on the face. Remove the Super Aqua-Mask protective cover and apply delicately the mask by following the facial contours on a perfectly cleansed skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove the mask. Massage the skin gently to make sure any excess is absorbed.