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Smoothing Lipstick Primer (See 1/1)
Smoothing Lipstick Primer (See 1/1)

KissKiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer

A touch of glamour to seal the look


The indispensable partner to lipstick, the KissKiss Liplift smoothing base in stick form redefines your lip contour, smoothes and prepares the lips for long-lasting make-up. With its creamy, rich and supple texture and neutral translucent shade, it preserves and enhances the colour of your lipstick.
Lips are smooth and silky soft. Their contour is more defined. Lipstick is easy to apply. It offers lasting hold for guaranteed high-fidelity make-up without feathering.


Its subtle vanilla-violet fragrance delicately intertwines with the sparkling scent of berries.



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