Our professions:

A. Creation & storytelling
Continue the creative audacity of Guerlain in Fragrances, Skincare and Make-up. Explore and innovate. Showcase and enhance the beauty of our creations. Tell stories from our rich history and invent the stories of tomorrow. Always inspired by our signature Culture of Beauty.
Our skillsets: Developmental Marketing, Operational Marketing, Merchandising, Communication, Digital.

B. Selling & enchanting
Make sure our customers always experience an enchanted interlude. Spark emotion through our creations at our stores, displays or beauty institutes. Be part of a collective adventure, putting expertise and passion at the service of beauty.
Our skillsets: Sales Associate, Fragrance Expert, Beauty and Institute Expert, Make-up Artist, Trainer, Store Manager, Inventory Manager.

C. Production & Distribution
Identify the most innovative suppliers around the world. Manufacture and package our products, respecting our demanding quality standards and commitment to sustainable development. Optimize logistics to guarantee deliveries to points of sale. Carry on our tradition of “made in France” at our production sites in Orphin (Fragrances) and Chartres (Make-up and Skincare).
Our skillsets: Purchasing, Packaging Development, Production, Quality, Supply Chain, Logistics.

D. Advise & Develop
Protect the value of our brand and our creations. Analyze and optimize financial resources. Support and develop individual and collective talents.
Our skillsets: Finance, Legal Affairs, Human Resources.