Our human resources commitments

A. Recruit

Recruitment is above all about people meeting people. We take special care to make sure these meetings are rich and diverse, providing opportunities to discover talents. We believe that the diversity of our teams is indispensable to our creativity.

B. Integrate and transmit
Transmission of savoir-faire is part of our DNA. Since 1828, five generations of Guerlain Perfumers have passed on the torch of creativity. We believe an intimate knowledge of the House is essential to inspiring pride and success, which is why we attach such importance to welcoming new staff.

C. Develop
Exploring your future means imagining and working together to craft a custom-tailored career plan, thanks to collaborative input by managers, employees and HR staff. Demanding expectations and positive support ensure that your talent thrives as you invent your own itinerary. Guerlain and the LVMH Group offer rich and vast horizons for growth.

D. Train
Training is a tremendous lever for skills development as you advance along your career path. We continually help you enrich your competencies and transmit the remarkable savoir-faire that makes Guerlain unique. This includes our in-house training academy, where retail teams around the world sharpen their product and service expertise.

E. Communicate
Our people are the prime ambassadors of Guerlain’s uniqueness and wealth. Our internal communication spans the globe, sharing meaning, providing perspective, and celebrating our successes.

F. Compensate
Our compensation policy is consistent, transparent and fair in all our markets. This policy also plays a key role in rewarding top performers, balancing demanding expectations and positive support.