Perfume may accompany every moment of life, but one doesn’t perfume oneself the same way morning and night. Adapting the intensity of scent in function of one’s mood, desires, and circumstance is a veritable ritual, secrets which Guerlain is delighted to share with you here.

Perfume, which is also called an Extract, is the most concentrated and therefore the most faithful version of a perfume. Created to be in osmosis with the skin, an Extract creates a unique alchemy upon contact with the skin and expresses itself differently on every woman. A few drops applied on the inside of the wrists and elbows, at the base of the neck, at the roots of the hair or in the hollow of the décolleté will reveal their presence with the movements of their wearer and the passage of time without ever becoming overpowering.

Fresher and richer in top notes, Eau de toilette is the indispensable complement to the Extract. Its hold may be more limited in time; nonetheless it possesses a true fragrance trail that may be prolonged with a few drops of perfume. Eau de toilette may be sprayed directly on clothes, hair and skin.

Eau de Parfum is more concentrated than Eau de Toilette, and leaves an exceptional fragrance trail that underscores the presence of the woman who wears it. It is used in the same manner as the Eau de Toilette.

Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraîche are the ideal fragrance solution for those who prefer freshness and lightness when it comes to perfume. Apply generously at any time of day, especially in the morning since they assimilate easily with the bathing ritual and prolong its refreshing virtues. Eaux combine in perfect harmony with regular perfume.

Body milk or cream, bath and shower gel, deodorant and oil are precious complements when it comes to intensifying or prolonging the hold of your favorite perfume.

The art of perfuming holds many secrets. Prolong your ritual and let your fragrance surprise you… Enjoy it to your heart’s desire!

Perfume your umbrella… Your trail will follow you, even between the raindrops.
Discover a delicate, sensual and even more intimate perfuming ritual. Lightly spray Guerlain Eau de Lingerie on your “little nothings” before getting dressed. And if you cannot bear to go without your favourite fragrance, spray a small piece of cotton and slip it into your lingerie drawer. For more intense perfuming, hand-wash your lingerie with your Guerlain shower gel or all-over shampoo. If you do not have the shower gel of your Guerlain fragrance, spray a few drops of Eau de Toilette into a small amount of neutral shower gel.

Perfume your pillow with Guerlain Eau de Lit for sweet-smelling nights.

When you travel, you can feel at home wherever you are. Simply perfume your hotel room with Eau de Lit and slip a perfumed handkerchief into your suitcase.

Perfume your brushes and combs. As you style your hair, they leave a light scent, like a perfumed mist.

Perfume the hems of your clothing to intensify your fragrant trail.

Perfume your scarf or pashmina and keep your fragrance nestled against you at the base of your neck all day long.