68 Champs-Elysées & The Boutique Feel


The House's iconic building, inaugurated in 1914 and listed as an historical monument, was commissioned by the Guerlain family from architect Charles Mewès (to whom we also owe the Ritz Hotel).

It has been touched by the hand of the greatest designers throughout its history. Jean-Michel Frank, Christian Bérard, Diego Giacometti, Maxime d’Angeac and Andrée Putman have already lent their talent to its arrangement and decoration.


The building is undergoing a complete transformation. The American architect Peter Marino is bringing a new dimension to this legendary setting.

"Over and above an architectural transformation, we are going to make 68, Champs-Elysées a surprising setting that will showcase Guerlain's creativity, know-how and heritage. A unique and unexpected experience of our House, in its most intimate and most beautiful form; a space for creation, sharing and emotion with an influential profile in Paris and abroad," stated Laurent Boillot, Guerlain’s Chairman and CEO.

With 1,600 m2 spanning four levels, the largest perfume and cosmetics store dedicated to a single House will open in autumn 2013.

68 Champs-Elysées & The Boutique Feel

The Boutique Feel

After being refused by a department store, Pierre-François-Pascal decided to set up under his own name in 1828.

This gave him the freedom to design each store as he wished, as a unique space. This led to the famous "Boutique Feel" held dear by Guerlain for five generations.


With each successful year, Guerlain boutiques sprang up in Paris, designed by the great architects and artists of the time: the boutique on rue de la Paix, the iconic 68, Champs-Elysées store (by the architect Charles Mewès), the Place Vendôme boutique (decorated by Jean-Michel Frank) and more recently the Francs-Bourgeois store...

For 185 years, the House has created a global network of exclusive stores or boutiques located within prestigious settings, including Tsum, Saks and the Dubai Mall in Dubai.


Each of the House's exclusive boutiques has been designed to offer a truly immersive experience in the world of Guerlain. An attentive welcome, elegant design, fine materials, settings outside of time, serenity and poetry... While each boutique is different, they are all a place of emotion. A world that invites you to feel at ease, to smell, browse, relax, and let yourself be won over and surprised.

Guerlain Spas invite you to prolong this sensory experience by enjoying the most expert beauty treatments.

“A perfumer has a subjective and passionate relationship with his favourite raw materials”