In celebration of Christmas and the House’s 190th birthday, Guerlain has given free rein to the French artist Giselle Balosso Bardin. Known for her poetic interpretations on paper, here she pays tribute to the Bee, an iconic Guerlain symbol.

This set contains the Shalimar ritual: a 90-ml Eau de Toilette, Sensational Body Lotion and Satin Shower Gel.

This iconic fragrance was inspired by the passionate love story between the emperor Shah Jehan and the Indian princess Mumtaz Mahal. Its name Shalimar, which means “temple of love” in Sanskrit, symbolises the promise of eternal love forevermore.
Shalimar Eau de Toilette embodies skin-caressing sensuality with a hint of the forbidden. Its sillage, characterised by bergamot, iris and vanilla notes, leaves an unforgettable impression.

Sensational Body Lotion used with Satin Shower Gel leaves skin soft and subtly scented.


Oriental. Voluptuous, sensual, spellbinding.

A flight of flowers and bergamot whips up the top notes with a breeze of freshness.
The heart is warmed by enveloping and delicately powdery notes of iris, jasmine and rose.
To conclude, the presence of vanilla, rounded balmy notes and the gourmand warmth of tonka bean orchestrate a sensual symphony for the dry-down.


Bergamot, Iris, Vanilla

Perfumer secrets

Jacques Guerlain daringly used a completely new gourmand molecule, ethylvanillin, blended with the Jicky accord.
Swept away by this deliciously carnal creation, which he worked on night and day, he knew that he was paving the way for a "small revolution": the first pure oriental fragrance.