This precious limited edition of a selection of Guerlain's Exclusive collection was the first ever to be inspired by a phenomenon that remains a mystery: synaesthesia, according to whom "Colour has a scent".
For the occasion, the emblematic Quadrilobé bottle is available in a range of five subtly gradated colours of precious stones. Sumptuous gem tones that express the quintessence of five fragrances, chosen from Guerlain’s Exclusives collection: L'Heure de Nuit becomes a Sapphire. 


The sapphire blue of L’Heure de Nuit, a modern homage to L’Heure Bleue, plunges us into the enchantment of “Paris by Night”. A delicate balance of tenderness and light, featuring a blend of orange blossom, vanilla and musk.

Perfumer secrets

Offering the ultimate touch of refinement, the neck of the bottle is adorned with a sapphire silk thread, meticulously hand-tied and combed according to the barbichage technique, traditional know-how kept alive by Guerlain’s incomparable Dames de Table.