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Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)
Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)

Shalimar Souffle d'Oranger Eau de Parfum

A perfumed breath of orange blossom

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Shalimar Souffle d'Oranger, an Eau de Parfum that celebrates orange blossom.
A sparkling and luminous fragrance in which petit grain, neroli and vanilla combine to enhance orange blossom.
The legendary Shalimar bottle is adorned with a colourful and sparkling outfit like a breath of joy and spring.
Once upon a time, four centuries ago, in India, there was a love that knew no bounds. For his beloved wife, the princess Mumtaz Mahal, the emperor Shah Jahan ordered the creation of the most luxurious gardens of Shalimar as a setting for their love. Later, he erected the Taj Mahal, a marvel admired by the entire world. This fabulous story inspired Jacques Guerlain to create an exquisitely seductive scent, the world’s very first oriental fragrance: Shalimar.


Sparkling, bright, playful.

In the top note, mandarin and bergamot unite for a fresh take-off.
The luminous heart blends Calabrian neroli with the solar facet of Sambac jasmine.
At the base, sandalwood and vanilla elevate the fragrance's regal note - orange blossom.


Orange blossom, neroli, vanilla and petit grain.

perfumers secret

Shalimar Souffle d'Oranger, a creation by Thierry Wasser crafted like a symphony in honour of orange blossom. First, we discover the lively and vegetal note of petit grain. Then, the soft and floral facet of neroli essence leads us to orange blossom absolute for a touch of sensuality.