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All-over shampoo (See 1/1)
All-over shampoo (See 1/1)

Habit Rouge All-over shampoo

Elegance is the ultimate freedom

37.00 €
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Habit Rouge all-over shampoo is refreshing and tonic thanks to its citrus notes. It preserves the skin's natural moisture and leaves it perfumed with the inimitable trail of Habit Rouge.

Its scent, Habit Rouge, was the first oriental fragrance for men in perfumery. From the moment of its launch, this tribute to Guerlain's passion for the dressage of horses created an element of surprise with its scents of sensual and bold vanilla.


Oriental Citrus.
Dynamic, passionate, audacious.

Bitterness becomes freshness, playing on refined harmonies of lime and bitter orange. Its spicy, sophisticated heart, warmed by patchouli, rests on a base where leather mellows under the creamy caress of benzoin and vanilla with a rebellious touch.


Bitter orange, patchouli, vanilla

perfumers secret

The bath and body line products fill your bathroom with the scent of Habit Rouge for ultimate refinement. Its trail enchants your morning.