As a tribute to this fragrance of eternal desire, Parisian jewellery designer Sylvia Toledano created an exceptional jewellery set that follows the sensual curves of the one-and-a-half litre bottle of Extract. This creation, gilded in fine matt 24-carat gold, is bejewelled with a myriad of fine stones from Jaipur in shimmering colours, the very stones used in the sumptuous decoration of the Taj Mahal: lapis lazuli, amethyst, carnelian, malachite, chalcedony, tiger’s eye, rose quartz and yellow quartz.. This exceptional edition sets off the legendary love potion to perfection, like the shimmering, multi-coloured finery of an Indian dancer.
Only 48 numbered pieces are available worlwide.

In its Extract version, Shalimar is a flight of citrus notes that stirs an enveloping, delicately powdered heart. The spellbinding trail of a carnal vanilla, the penetrating charm of iris, the balmy roundness of opoponax and the gourmand warmth of tonka bean orchestrate an intimate, languid symphony of scent.

Shalimar is displayed like a gem; the meeting with Sylvia Toledano was a logical chapter in its story. This Parisian designer creates "lucky charm" jewellery - made of golden metal and gemstones from Jaipur in India - in a colourful and very Couture style. All her creations are handmade and only a few pieces of each model are available. This singular artist perfectly captured the spirit of Shalimar: “an invitation to love, sensuality and exhilaration”.