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Écrin 6 Couleurs

Precious Eyeshadows - Tailored Harmonies

The ideal wardrobe for the eyes

A master of powders, a magician of eyeshadows and a genius of colours, Guerlain introduces a wardrobe of six eyeshadows to give free rein to your creativity and desires. Like a jewel, the intense colour is placed at the centre of the case. The gradations take the form of different tones of four shadows to use as you wish, to your heart's desire. The liner is nestled vertically to the right. It traces the eyes with a delicate touch.
The six precious eyeshadows, enriched with Moonstone, offer an interplay of three different textures: iridescent, matte and satiny. Make-up becomes intuitive and foolproof, subtly guided by the placement of the colours, which allow for a "tone-on-tone", "couture" or "smoky" effect.
Eyes are embellished and customised: from the most natural to the most sophisticated look!

The double-ended applicator was specially designed for soft and precise application. The rounded end is used to gently apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. The marten hair brush is used dry to trace the crease of the eyelid or wet for ultra-precise eyeliner application.

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