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My Insolence

Eau de Toilette

From innocence to insolence

My Insolence is a completely new orchestration of Insolence with warm, floral notes. A delicious encounter that reveals your emotions and private feelings. This self-discovery encourages you to finally reveal a facet of your femininity.

Created by the sculptor Serge Mansau, the Insolence bottle seems carved in light. Nothing comes between the glass and the radiance it captures. Body, neck, cap: these three half-spheres form a triple revolution around themselves.

Gourmand Floral.
Sparkling, spontaneous, gourmand.

Opening with a fresh, tangy raspberry note, the fragrance then delicately sinks into a floral heart of jasmine and almond tree flower. The base then takes over with the warm, sweet notes of vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli to enhance this essence of femininity.

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