Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances

Orchidée Impériale

Eye and Lip Cream

The secret of extraordinary longevity for your skin

The Eye and Lip Cream targets the common origin of ageing of the fine and fragile eye and lip contour areas: loss of cutaneous substance.
Dense and melt-away, it acts on all of the signs of skin ageing to resculpt the eye and lip contours. Plumpness and vitality appear restored.
The eye contour is redefined, smoother and brighter. Wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles fade away. The eyes look open. Smoothed and nourished, the lips regain their shape and their contours appear more defined.
*In vitro tests.

An instant smoothing effect of 43%* on crow's feet
69% of women find that dark circles appear brighter**
78% find that the lip contour is firmer**
97% find that the eye and lip contour is immediately nourished**
*Instrumental test, 14 subjects, reduction in overall area of wrinkles after 1 hour.
**Satisfaction test, 59 women, 4 weeks

1 Apply the cream: smooth outwards and finish by applying light pressure.
2 Reshape the eye area: place 3 fingers underneath the eyebrows, pushing upwards towards the temples.
3 Illuminate the eyes: gently massage, using sweeping motions to the outer corner of the eyes.
4 Plump up the lips: lightly tap your fingertips along the lips and their contours.

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