Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
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    Orchidée Impériale

    Cream Foundation

    The first exceptional complete care

    The first Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care Foundation. Luxuriously rich and velvety, it combines Orchidée Impériale's age-defying radiance technology with Guerlain's foundation know-how for the ultimate in make-up skincare perfection. Perfectly protected, smoothed and freed of its imperfections, the skin is illuminated with flawless radiance. Day after day, it displays the luminously translucent glow of renewed youth. Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care Foundation comes in a 30-ml jar.

    During the test, all women remarked:
    Evenness of the complexion: +85%
    Sculpting feeling: +62%
    General beauty of the complexion: +62%
    Smooth appearance: +52%
    Feeling of comfort: +27%
    Self-assessment of 31 women, daily application for 28 days

    1 Using the spatula, place a small amount of the foundation on the back of the hand and blend the foundation into the brush.
    2 Apply to the centre of the face and smooth over the skin, working outwards. Spread to obtain desired coverage.
    3 Lightly pat to even out problem areas.
    4 Blend if necessary

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