Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
Ouessant Island Guerlain
Ouessant Island The Black Bee Island
A unique exhibition at 68, Champs-Elysées.
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    Abeille Royale

    Day Cream - Normal to dry skin - Wrinkle correction, firming

    An infinite life source

    Bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Derived from their active power, a day cream with Pure Royal Concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms in the healing process within the skin* to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness. Specially designed for normal to dry skin, its fresh and creamy texture instantly melts on the skin, providing lasting comfort. Visible wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. As if firmed from within, the skin recovers all its plumpness. It glows with youthfulness.
    *In vitro test

    Self-assessment supervised by a dermatologist*:
    - Appearance of wrinkles: -22%
    - Firmness: +14%
    Women are convinced**:
    - Smooth skin: 97%
    - More toned skin: 90%

    According to 95% of women: it leaves the skin comfortable

    *Self-assessment supervised by a dermatologist, 32 women, 1 month
    **Satisfaction test, 62 women, 1 month

    In the morning, apply the cream from the centre of the face outwards. Then perform the following two steps:
    1 Firm: apply pressure along the outline of the face with the fingertips. Repeat the step 2 cm higher and continue up to the hairline.
    2 Smooth: Gently tap all over the face, paying particular attention to the areas most affected by wrinkles.

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