Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
October 2014
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Météorites Perles

Iluminating Powder - Pure Radiance

The secret of the purest radiance

For the first time ever in 1987, Guerlain created a powder in the form of multi-coloured pearls: Météorites. This legendary powder offers dreamed-of radiance to every woman. Pink to refresh the complexion, green to diminish redness, white for a brighter complexion, mauve to catch the light, gold and pearl to add a perfect touch of radiance to the face... The alchemy of pearls infuses the skin with new light, translucency and original purity.
The complexion is illuminated in a few strokes of a brush. Skin is mattified with a sheer touch, instantly glowing with a luminous finish. Ideal radiance is recreated.
Météorites Perles is available in four harmonies to reveal the secret of the purest radiance ever for each skin tone.

Pleasure for the eyes and senses… Météorites Perles powder announces the return of sunny days with its delicate and inimitable violet scent. An addictive fragrance...

The ideal Météorites brush is the perfect density to take just the right amount of powder.
Apply the powder evenly to entire face to set make-up and improve hold. Concentrate on the middle of the face, from the hairline to the base of the neck, to boost the highlighting effect.

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