Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
Ouessant Island Guerlain
Ouessant Island The Black Bee Island
A unique exhibition at 68, Champs-Elysées.
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    Terracotta sunless

    Tinted Self-tanning Gel

    Fail-safe, astoundingly natural colour

    A real 2-in-1 product, this melt-away tinted gel combines the illusion of an instant, streak-free tan with the guarantee of truer-than-life colour that can already be seen after one hour and lasts for up to four days after application*.
    Its alchemist's secrets: A subtle dose of DHA for the self-tanning action and 100% natural organic Argan oil, rich in polyphenols and moisturising fatty acids. The skin is impeccably nourished, smoothed and satiny, revealing all the intensity of a vibrant, even and radiant tan.

    *Instrumental test on a sample of 10 subjects, results 1 hour and 4 days after a single application.

    Its Tiare Flower fragrance leaves a gentle scent on the skin, instantly sweeping you away to an exotic far-off paradise… Deliciously pleasant after a day in the sun.

    Apply to previously exfoliated skin to obtain an even more smooth and natural colour. Use a lighter touch over the elbows and knees to prevent any streaks. Wash your hands thoroughly after application.

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