68 Champs-Elysées & The Boutique Feel


The exceptional now has an address.

In 2013, Guerlain re-enchanted the 68, Champs- Elysées, inviting you to share a daring dream between Luxury and Beauty. The dream of the most beautiful boutique dedicated to Beauty, on which the famous American Architect Peter Marino has set his sights. The dream of a tribute to the Art, artists and craftsmen who gave him an extra soul. The dream of the most prestigious and audacious expression of Guerlain.

The 68 exclusive Collection

A century after its creation, the 68 Champs-Elysées continues to establish itself as the destination of a real French Art de Vivre. The emblematic boutique turns into a cabinet of curiosities to enchant you with its increasingly audacious creations: the 68 Eau de Parfum, the Perfumer’s glove, silk squares, Les Délices du 68, an exclusive range of teas and an exceptional honey, some reissues of the mythical creations such as the "Ladies in all Climates” powder or the Collector's Edition “Rouge G #68”.

The Institut, opened in 1939 and the emblem of Guerlain's savoir-faire, has now reinvented itself to provide an entirely novel personalized care program. Reservations: +33 01 45 62 11 21.

The unique, chic and cosy restaurant "Le 68" offers a unique and dashing menu, designed by the famous Parisian Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin. A tasting menu combining scents and flavors that embodies the mythical olfactive universe of Guerlain.

Reservations: +33 01 45 62 54 10 or contact@le68guymartin.com

Consult: the menu, the brunch and the breakfast .

For more information: Maison Guerlain + 33 01 45 62 52 57

68 Champs-Elysées & The Boutique Feel

The Boutique Feel

After being refused by a department store, Pierre-François-Pascal decided to set up under his own name in 1828.

This gave him the freedom to design each store as he wished, as a unique space. This led to the famous "Boutique Feel" held dear by Guerlain for five generations.


With each successful year, Guerlain boutiques sprang up in Paris, designed by the great architects and artists of the time: the boutique on rue de la Paix, the iconic 68, Champs-Elysées store (by the architect Charles Mewès), the Place Vendôme boutique (decorated by Jean-Michel Frank) and more recently the Francs-Bourgeois store...

For 185 years, the House has created a global network of exclusive stores or boutiques located within prestigious settings, including Tsum, Saks and the Dubai Mall in Dubai.


Each of the House's exclusive boutiques has been designed to offer a truly immersive experience in the world of Guerlain. An attentive welcome, elegant design, fine materials, settings outside of time, serenity and poetry... While each boutique is different, they are all a place of emotion. A world that invites you to feel at ease, to smell, browse, relax, and let yourself be won over and surprised.

Guerlain Spas invite you to prolong this sensory experience by enjoying the most expert beauty treatments.

68 Champs-Elysées & The Boutique Feel

La Cour des Senteurs

With the opening of a boutique in the Cour des Senteurs in Versailles, Guerlain is uniting its destiny with that of the former Royal City. Located right at the heart of the oldest district of Versailles just a stone's throw from the Château, this unique site looks to contribute to the renown and profile of the time-honoured art of perfumery, both in France and abroad. The heir of the perfumers who supplied the Royal Court, Guerlain is reviving this prestigious past and majestically offering a new expression of the brand.


In 1828, the House of Guerlain's founder set up business on the ground floor of the Hôtel Meurice, the place where royal and princely families stayed in Paris. He very quickly became the perfumer to Queen Marie-Amélie, the wife of King Louis-Philippe and the last Queen of France. Guerlain provided bespoke perfumes for prestigious clients from the international aristocracy. He achieved the ultimate recognition in 1853 when he was appointed official supplier to the imperial court for his Eau de Cologne, dedicated to Empress Eugénie de Montijo, the wife of Emperor Napoleon III and a great admirer of Marie-Antoinette, who undertook the first restoration work on the Petit Trianon in Versailles.


This new Guerlain boutique looks to pay a contemporary homage to the expertise of French artistic craftsmanship, a real living heritage. The 17th century saw the dazzling rise of luxury under the influence of Louis XIV in Versailles, the official residence of the King from 1682 onwards. Manufactures were created, and Louis XIV surrounded himself with the best artists and craftsmen of his time. Today, true to the Sun King's spirit, the Château de Versailles provides a stage for contemporary art during temporary exhibitions.

Like a bridge between the past and the future, this boutique aims to offer a place for all perfume lovers to meet and share.

“A perfumer has a subjective and passionate relationship with his favourite raw materials”