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The serenity of a Japanese garden

Tokyo evokes all the subtlety of the Japanese capital. Ultra-modern, yet bound to its traditions. The sun is still low in the sky; it is the perfect time to awaken your senses in Hibiya Park, a cocoon of tranquillity in the midst of turmoil. The morning dew gives off a fragrance of jasmine and violet, intertwined with Hinoki cypress. You stop in a teahouse, a world apart where green tea and jasmine scent the air. You allow yourself to be transported by the legendary, almost magical tea-drinking tradition. It is with regret that you leave the ceremony you wish could last forever. But Ginza, the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo, is already calling your name.
On the bottle with its straight, clean lines, Serge Mansau sketched the outline of the Shinjuku skyscrapers, engraved in platinum.

Green floral.
Zen, refreshing, unique.
Top notes: green tea, bergamot, yuzu.
Heart notes: jasmine, violet.
Base notes: vanilla, Hinoki cypress wood.

The journeys follow one after the other, but each remains happily unique. Created in 2009, Tokyo is the third stopover in this scented world tour. All the emblems of Japan are interpreted in Western style: yuzu, Hinoki cypress and authentic matcha tea.
To accompany you on your every escapade, the bottle adopts the 100 ml travel size allowed in the plane cabin.

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