Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
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    Eau de Toilette

    Bold masculinity

    Derby comes from Jean-Paul Guerlain’s vision when he visited the El Djem amphitheatre in Tunisia. This brazen fragrance is dedicated to dauntless men. It develops this quest for the absolute that moves to the rhythm of today’s elegance. A warm and sensual fragrance, elegant armour for men.
    The fragrance is showcased in a bottle with clean lines, simply framed in wood for a terribly contemporary allure.
    1985 re-edition.

    Fougère, Chypre, Leather.
    Audacious, bold, virile.
    Top notes: orange, bergamot.
    Heart notes: spices, Indian wood, carnation.
    Base notes: patchouli, leather, forest floor notes.

    Derby, a composition that is both heathen and very civilised: an invasion of overflowing spices, wood and leather, the signature of a shrewd and refined man. A rare fougère, chypre and leather accord that demands respect and admiration. The quintessence of a style.

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