Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
Ouessant Island Guerlain
Ouessant Island The Black Bee Island
A unique exhibition at 68, Champs-Elysées.
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    Oriental Brûlant

    Eau de Parfum

    A sizzling essence for an erotic woman

    An intoxicating and carnal essence of an erotic and transgressive woman, Oriental Brûlant brings to mind all the sensuality of an embrace. A spicy cocktail and a touch of almond revive the fragrance, leaving a truly voluptuous aura in its wake.
    The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with pure lines, adorned with a metallic silver label inspired by the intimate ambience of the boudoir.

    Enveloping, charismatic, erotic.
    Top notes: clementine, balsamic notes.
    Heart notes: almond, spices.
    Base notes: tonka bean, styrax, vanilla.

    If Oriental Brûlant were a colour, it would be irresistible blushing red. A deep red, the symbol of intense desire and eroticism that never gets enough. A real love potion…

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