Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances

Super Aqua-Day

Triple Protective Shield Optimum Hydration Strengthening - SPF 30

Time-defying hydration

This optimum-hydration fluid provides triple protection against the signs of ageing. It reinforces the integrity of the skin’s internal barrier, increasing its reserves of moisture* and strengthening cellular resistance to time*. With SPF 30 protection, it fights photo-ageing. Intensely hydrated and protected, the skin is smooth, supple and radiant. Its youthfulness is preserved.
*In vitro test

+93% hydration*
100% of women judge their skin to be supple and not tight**
After 1 month**:
100% of women note smoother and resistant skin
94% of women feel lasting comfort for beautiful and protected skin

*Instrumental test on 10 women, results after 2 hr
**Satisfaction test on 31 women

Apply every morning, before Super Aqua-Serum.

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