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Bespoke Fragrances
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Muguet 2013 Vintage

A Day, A Bottle, A Fragrance

Every year in an original and sophisticated way, the House of Guerlain honours this holiday that heralds an eagerly awaited time, marked by the bucolic and fragrant lily of the valley bouquet, perfectly composed by the Perfumer for the occasion. Its unchanging aromas are set in a distinct bottle with a magnificent decoration that changes from one spring to the next. A genuine opportunity to call on and perpetuate other rare and precious expressions of artistic expertise.
This season, the iconic quadrilobe bottle is making a comeback. Created in 1908, it has held legendary great perfumes. Guerlain entrusted Créanog, an expert in the art of paper sculpture, with the accomplished task of creating a wonderful new adornment. Laurent Nogues, its founder, received the title of Maître d'Art in 2011, an honorary distinction awarded for life to craftsmen who possess unique know-how.
His exemplary and meticulous dexterity has give birth to a graphic design with virginal white sprigs of lily of the valley, fashioned and embossed with flawless precision to the very millimetre: a paper sculpture more resplendent than nature. Caressing this Art Nouveau-inspired engraving, it is a pure pleasure to feel the tone-on-tone up and down strokes, to picture the graceful reliefs and contours of the stems and bells, as if they were tinkling, as if they had just blossomed that very moment.
To perfect this realistic and idyllic decoration, the House's Dames de Table have fashioned with their agile hands the final piece of finery for the famous bottle, in a testimony to Guerlain's heritage. For this edition, they have adorned the neck with a spring green thread featuring a delicate tassel adorned with a golden seal at its ends.
Muguet's sillage combines a generous handful of splendid green notes evoking the springtime dew and the crispness of the lucky flower. Rose, jasmine and a lilac accord then take the helm, adding depth and femininity at the heart.
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