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Top Coat Gel

High Shine Gel Effect

Give in to shine

The Top Coat Gel is the secret to perfect your manicure and obtain salon-perfect results!
Applied after the Colour Lacquer, the transparent gel texture of the Top Coat Gel offers a "false nails" result and exceptional shine.
Nitrocellulose, combined with a plasticising agent that resists scratches and water, creates a shiny film that remains stable on the nail. Nails are perfectly smooth and curved; ridges are filled in. The colour - solidly protected - is incredibly radiant and remains sparkling, day after day.
The Top Coat Gel features an exclusive and unprecedented easy-to-use brush. Wide and extra-flat, it follows the shape of the nail and delivers the perfect amount of polish for even application from the very first coat.

For salon-perfect results, apply the lacquer in three steps:
1. Apply the Protective Base Coat.
2. Apply a first thin coat of Colour Lacquer, followed by a second coat.
3. Apply the Top Coat Gel.
Allow each coat to dry between each step for a perfect manicure.

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