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Bespoke Fragrances
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Ombre Éclat Base Paupières

Smoothing and Priming Base

An ideal eyeshadow-setting base

Formulated like a smoothing eye care product, this delicious luminous beige powder cream glides over eyelids like a second skin to set make-up and ensure perfect hold. Enriched with smoothing and moisturising agents, it is the ideal base for impeccably prepared eyelids.
Eyelids are evened out and smoothed, with fewer creases. The eye contour is protected. Eyeshadow application is facilitated, with a long-lasting effect. The eyes sparkle.
A single shade of soft, luminous beige adapts to all skin tones.

Apply Ombre Éclat Eye Primer to the eyelid with the brush or fingertips before make-up. It can also be used on its own to brighten and revitalise the eyes.

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