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Bespoke Fragrances
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Mouchoir de Monsieur

Eau de Toilette

The worldly gentleman's fragrance

In the early 20th century, dandies wore perfume in a discreet and refined way, starting the fashion of delicately perfumed handkerchiefs of fine batiste. With a nod to this indispensable accessory and the turn-of-the-century's emblem of good taste, Jacques Guerlain created one of the very first men's fragrances in 1904. Mouchoir de Monsieur marries citrusy freshness and the vivaciousness of aromatic notes with the subtlety of a fougère accord nuanced with delicately powdered wood.

At first in a bottle with a "snail" theme, it now comes in the Bee bottle engraved with his majesty's coat of arms: a bottle bearing a constellation of 69 bees, the symbol of the Empire.

Citrus Fougère.
Refined, elegant, rare.

Composed of rare and noble essences, Mouchoir de Monsieur takes flight with top notes of citrus and aromatic accents leading to floral notes of rose, jasmine and neroli on a woody dry-down enveloped in a whisper of powder.

Guerlain creations each have their own story and sometimes have intertwining themes. This is the case of Mouchoir de Monsieur and Jicky, which both have a very bold and classic fougère accord.

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