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Once upon a time, there was Vega

Created in 1936 by Jacques Guerlain in reference to the star that shines brighter than the sun, Vega was dedicated to women in love with freedom who lost themselves in the wild rhythm of the Charleston and jazz. Its first waft of scent transports you to a floral space enhanced with aldehydes. This aura revolves around a jasmine heart glowing with a very light powdery woody note. While its bold personality is surprising, it is also a source of timelessness.
Its bottle with generously rounded shapes was inspired by the laboratory flasks used by Guerlain Perfumers in the past. The stopper bears a black wax seal engraved with the double G of the House. A collector’s bottle for those in the know.

Powdery Floral.
Refined, timeless, sensual.
Top notes: aldehydes, cassie note, bergamot.
Heart notes: jasmine, ylang-ylang.
Base notes: sandalwood, iris, amber note, vanilla

Jacques Guerlain loved wide-open space and frequently read astronomy essays. He developed this fragrance with Vega in mind, the star that is brighter than the sun. Its name in Arabic evokes the image of a “diving eagle” plunging vertically down in the air, perhaps to remind us that 12,000 years ago, Vega, the northern pole star at the time, was located along the Earth's axis of rotation. 

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