Bright & Sculpt Foundation

3 Sculpting shades, 3D Perfection

Pure and flawlessly white, pearls shimmer with deep, inner radiance.
Blanc de Perle compact foundation sculpts light to recreate the pearl’s pure, round, smooth radiance on the face, for a dazzlingly perfect complexion. Out of the shadows and into the light: its three hues, which blend perfectly, sculpt facial contours, unify the complexion and maximize radiance. Guerlain’s latest whitening technology, Advanced P.E.A.R.L. Complex, acts visibly to even out the pores and instantly illuminate the face. To preserve the skin’s beauty and clarity all day long, the formula includes a triple-action shield: cellular first, environmental and finally solar, with its SPF 20 - PA ++. Perfectly even-toned, smoothed and protected, the complexion is literally sculpted with light; full and vibrant, the face is incredibly beautiful and radiant.Balnc de perle compact is available in 4 refillable shades.

Blanc de Perle has a distinctive and fresh scent, a sweet harmony of white flowers, mint and pink pepper for a unique sensation of well-being and purity.

1. First apply the medium shade or the three shades all together to even out and correct the complexion.
2. Then sculpt the facial contours with the more intense tone to create depth.
3. Finally use the edge of the sponge to apply the white shade to the curved areas of the face, the naso-labial fold, the arch of the brow, the top of the jawline and the cupid’s bow to ensure maximum radiance.

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