The Guerlain orchidarium
Guerlain orchids
Guerlain reveals the portrait of indestructible orchids. Each one has got its own personality, but combined in the I.O.M.E., they complement remarquably to reinforce its performance on skin longevity.


It was in June 2007 at the heart of the TianZi Exploratory Nature Reserve that Joseph Margraf, the Orchidarium’s eminent biologist, discovered an extremely rare and endangered wild species, Vanda coerulea, whose age he estimated at 80 years(Vanda means 10,000 generations in Chinese). He informed Guerlain Research, who carried out initial agrobiological tests in the Experimental Garden in Geneva (Switzerland).
However, France was where this rare orchid would reveal an astonishing concentration of molecules rarely found together in the same plant. These included secondary metabolites blessed with biological properties, phytoalexins – the plant’s defence and survival molecules – which play a fundamental role in the internal longevity protection mechanism.


Particularly widespread over the canopy of tall trees in the Himalayan foothills, this orchid with pale pink flowers flourishes in areas where it is exposed to full-on sun and sometimes violent thermal shocks, making it one of the most resilient species.
On the hunt for specific molecular markers for this remarkable endurance, the Basic Research Laboratory in Strasbourg discovered in the stems molecules that had never been described – vandaterosides – with a decisive ability to promote epidermal renewal and cell respiration*, ensuring the skin’s external resistance to water stress and attack.

* In vitro tests on ingredients
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Guerlain orchids