Daily essential cares
Body Cream
The promise
Specially composed to completely rejuvenate the body

The performance
Record hydration after 24 hours**
Between 2 and 24 hours after application, the skin’s moisture levels continue to increase, rising from +25% to +61%: a rare feat at this level of efficacy!

Unequivocal clinical results after 2 months
The skin texture is smoothed: +10%***
The skin is firmed: +38%****
The skin is better nourished: +48%****

**Instrumental test on 10 women, results 2 hours and 24 hours after application
***Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on 38 women, results after twice-daily application for 8 weeks
****Self-assessment by 38 women, results after twice-daily application for 8 weeks

The benefits
Taken up on the fingertips, its incredibly light yet voluptuous texture already holds within it the promise of softness, hydration and age-defying performance delivered by its active formula:
- Rich yet light, it is silky and supple to the touch.
- Luscious and melt-away, it is enriched in humectants and hyaluronic acid to meet the moisture needs of drier, finer and more fragile skin.
- Delicately velvety, it contains absorbent powders and leaves an invisible matte film on the surface of the skin that creates an even appearance and maintains its radiance.
The cream
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Body Cream