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La Petite Robe Noire

Eau de Toilette

My Cocktail Dress

I am absolutely essential and utterly irresistible. I am the chic and very glamorous perfumed creation by Guerlain.

La Petite Robe Noire is returning for Valentine's Day in a limited edition under the brush of the artistic duo Kuntzel+Deygas.

The Eau de Toilette variation takes the form of a fresh and romantic floral lace, embroidered with sparkling fruity notes.

Fresh Floral.
Fresh, delicate, swirling.

In the first wink, a bouquet of rose, jasmine and orange blossom takes flight to a delicate melody. The second twirl takes place as cherry, apple and blackcurrant enter the stage, refreshed by explosive green notes. Finally, white amber temptations are revealed and a cloud of white musks envelops the ensemble in a cosy halo.

My Pygmalion, Thierry Wasser, is smitten, as if seeing me again for the first time. He asks me to dance in order to reveal a mischievous and carefree facet of my personality. In this swirling orchestration with its "plunging neckline," he adorns me with fresh floral lace, embroidered with sparkling and fruity notes.

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